Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast

A Wonderland museboxy roleplay game

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six impossible things before breakfast

Once upon a time (for is that not how such stories should begin?) a young girl chased a white rabbit, fell down a hole, and discovered a magical Realm called Wonderland. After several years of visiting Wonderland and the Looking-Glass Country whenever she pleased, she began to more than half-believe her family and friends when they said her adventures were just stories, just dreams.
Five years later, Alice has finally found her way back to Wonderland. This is where our story begins (or should that be continues?).

6thngsbreakfast is a musebox/dressing room roleplay game based on Lewis Carroll’s Alice books. As this is more of a relaxed game, there are no applications or activity requirements—hurrah!

Interested in joining the Breakfastverse? Callooh! Callay!
Both characters mentioned in the books and original characters are permitted (provided the latter follow the spirit of the Wonderland books).
Check the Cast of Characters post to make sure the character is not already being played (duplicates of characters are not accepted at this time). Comment to the post with your chosen character & give a brief description of said character (especially for OCs).
Join the community and add your info to the members-only Contact Post. Don’t forget to join the OOC community (ooc_teaparty) as well!
Have fun!

All persons more than a mile high to leave the court. (It’s the oldest in the book, after all.)
The main community (where you are now) is where RP threads (and instant messaging logs) will be posted. Either first or third person can be used—your preference! Please include a brief header with the following information: Place, Character(s), and Rating (if PG-13+). In-character correspondence may be posted here as well.
        - {Note: sixwordstories posts will have a weekly post on the OOC community}
Speaking of rating, please try to keep things PG-13. R-rated posts must be behind an LJ-cut with a warning.
For the most part, OOC (out-of-character) posts should go in the OOC community
        - Plot suggestions, &c. should also go there
Be polite to other players. IC rudeness will occur—this is Wonderland after all!
If you have a question, see the Possibly Asked Questions post or PM a mod.

               Helpful Links/Navigation
OOC Community
Contact List (members-only)
Cast of Characters
The Realm of Wonderland & its Environs (or, Where is Everything?)
Plot Posts
Possibly Asked Questions

charloft ~ a writing prompts/character development/RP community
thehouseofmouse ~ a panfandom musebox set in Disney's House of Mouse

{{Disclaimer: Whilst some concepts pertaining to the Realm of Wonderland may be unique to this roleplaying game, the characters and source material (i.e. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass) belong to Lewis Carroll. Original characters belong to their respective creators. No profit is made from the community. It’s all for pretendy funtimes (& possibly for writing practice). }}

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