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Ten shillings and sixpence?

Who: Alice & the Hatter (and whoever else might be about)
When: Saturday afternoon (the 14th of May, to be exact)
Where: A certain Wonderlandian hatshop
Why: She's here to see a gentleman about a hat

For the past few months (or to be more truthful, nearly the past year), Alice has been preparing for her Presentation at Court. Brushing up on etiquette with Mother, dress fittings, more lessons—added to this were the preparations for Lorina's wedding ... the list went on.

Though she dearly tried not to show it, Alice was beginning to grow nervous. Yes, she had met the Queen before—Mrs Liddell had invited Her Royal Highness and the royal Princes to dinner when Their Majesties visited the college once—but Alice had been much younger then. This was entirely different. And what if she did something wrong during her presentation, wasn't (seemingly) perfect? Not only would she be terribly embarrassed, but her family would be affected, too. Alice couldn't let them down (this did little to alleviate her growing nerves on the subject).

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Alice neared the haberdashery—no, that wasn't quite right as Mr Hatter sold ladies' hats as well ... millidashery? She smiled at the nonsense word, thinking he'd probably appreciate it. With a deep breath, she squared her shoulders, pushed open the door, and entered the hat-shop to a tinkle of bells.
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